Rohrreinigung für Industrie und Kommunen

Pipe cleaning

Special pipe cleaning for Communities, Power Plants and Industrie


Reinigung von Druckrohrleitungen Reinigung von Druckrohrleitungen Reinigung von Druckrohrleitungen
  • Flow rate amounts are not sufficient
  • Murky drinking water
  • Rising energy costs
  • Lower life span of the pumps by higher wear
  • Higher operating costs
  • With untimely cleaning: Failure of the whole pipeline system - new installation may become necessary


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  • An absolutely gentle and thorough cleaning
  • Removal without remains even of the hardest deposits
  • Hardly an operational interruption through our quick approach
  • Purely mechanical working principle without chemical additions
  • Even mile-long pipelines are cleaned without intermediate openings
  • Application possibility in all pipe materials such as cast, steel, plastic, concrete, clay, etc.


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At the beginning of the cleaning work the pipeline is opened at both ends and a device is inserted. The customer must merely make the necessary rinse medium available. Possible necessary pumps will be inserted by us.

The applied cleaning technology is based on a purely mechanical working principle by which the device independently works its way through the pipeline system.

The stimulus occurs (without connection of tubes and cables) with hydraulic pressure. In special cases we also use other driving media. The position of the device can be located at any time using a built-in transmitter.

The deposits are dissolved, reduced, and rinsed in the cleaning direction of the pipeline end where they are targeted to be disposed of.


The pipeline values are often more favourable after the cleaning than with a newly installed line because foreign bodies such as welding beads are also removed. In normal cases, deposits are removed in one single cleaning pass, gently and without remains.

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