Pigging technology at IFAT

IFAT 13. to 17.05.2024

HALL C1 -  BOOTH 320

STOCKSIEFEN presents its own pipe cleaning method at the world's leading trade fair for water and wastewater management, IFAT, in Munich.

Pipe blockage is a thing of the past.

Already well-known beyond the borders of Germany, the company Stocksiefen GmbH from Asbach in the Middle Rhine region presents itself in a new exhibition appearance at IFAT. Since its founding almost 20 years ago, this globally operating specialist company has demonstrated the efficiency of its unique method hundreds of times. Even the most stubborn deposits in cast iron, steel, or plastic pipelines have been completely removed, with minimal disruption to operations.

Molchtechnik auf der IFAT

The issue of deposits in pipelines is ubiquitous among pipeline operators. It poses significant problems in various sectors, including large-scale chemistry, power plants, wastewater treatment plants, water supply and disposal, and mining. When not addressed in a timely manner, it leads to a multitude of issues such as reduced flow rates, accelerated pump wear, increased operating costs, and turbidity in drinking water, among others. If not dealt with promptly, it can result in a "pipe blockage" that may require the complete replacement of the entire pipeline. There have already been instances of complete shutdowns during the pipeline replacement process, which can be catastrophic. However, this disaster can be prevented.

Pigging technology for the industry

To prevent a collapse, Stocksiefen GmbH offers a globally established, proprietary solution that provides uncomplicated relief. Regardless of whether the pipes are made of cast iron, steel, or plastic, even the toughest deposits are gently removed through a purely mechanical process, without any residue and, most importantly, without the use of chemicals. The length of the pipeline is not a limiting factor. Even kilometer-long pipelines with valves, bends, and fittings can be cleaned without the need for intermediate openings. Surprisingly, after the cleaning process, the pipeline's values often surpass those of a newly installed pipeline, and all of this is achieved with minimal disruption to operations. The cost savings, especially compared to pipeline replacement, are enormous.

Regarding the working principle: The clogged pipeline is opened at both ends, and the cleaning device is inserted. The device is propelled solely by water pressure, without the need for cables or hoses. In specific applications, other driving media can also be used. If the provided pressure is not sufficient, STOCKSIEFEN utilizes its fleet of vehicles equipped with soundproofed high-pressure units up to 2,500 bar. During the cleaning process, the deposits are loosened, crushed, and flushed towards the end of the pipeline, where they can be selectively disposed of. The built-in transmitter allows the position of the working device to be located at any time.

Not only pipelines but also containers, surfaces, heat exchangers, and many other objects have been successfully cleaned using the STOCKSIEFEN method in the past. "It's not just the cleaning itself..." says Jörg Stocksiefen, one of the company's managing directors. "The pre-organization, coordination of schedules, preparatory measures, trouble-shooting, etc., all come together in a comprehensive package to deliver the exceptional efficiency that our method can achieve!" The company's professional approach can be deduced from numerous references from various industries. The IFAT provides an excellent opportunity to discuss solutions for specific use cases with the specialists at Stocksiefen GmbH and prevent costly pipe blockages.