Cost savings

Pipe cleaning instead of pipeline replacement

Specialized company from the Rhineland cleans kilometer-long drinking water and wastewater pipelines thoroughly and without the need for intermediate openings, leaving no residue behind.

Regardless of whether it's in the chemical industry, wastewater treatment plants, water supply and disposal, power plants, or mining, pipelines contaminated with deposits reduce the required flow rates and lead to problems such as increased energy and operating costs, turbid drinking water, premature pump wear, and more. Failure to clean the pipelines in a timely and proper manner can result in the complete failure of the entire pipeline system, which may necessitate the replacement of the entire pipeline.

Stocksiefen GmbH achieves a gentle and thorough cleaning solution for such problems with their innovative specialized cleaning devices of their own design, regardless of whether the pipes are made of cast iron, steel, or plastic. With their purely mechanical working principle, without the use of chemical additives, a residue-free removal of even the toughest deposits is guaranteed. The fast operation ensures minimal disruption to operations. Even kilometer-long pipelines with built-in bends and fittings can be cleaned without the need for intermediate openings using the specialized process. The values of the pipeline often surpass those of a newly installed pipeline after cleaning. In the most challenging cases, Stocksiefen GmbH utilizes their own vehicles equipped with soundproofed high-pressure units up to 2,500 bar.

The applied cleaning technique is based on a purely mechanical working principle, where the cleaning device operates through the pipeline system using water pressure (without the need for cables and hoses). In specific applications, other driving media can also be used. During the cleaning process, the deposits are loosened, crushed, and flushed in the cleaning direction towards the end of the pipeline, where they can be selectively disposed of. The position of the cleaning device can be tracked at any time using a built-in transmitter.

Since its establishment, numerous industrial companies and communities have been convinced of the performance and seamless operation of the specialized cleaning process offered by the globally operating company. The cost savings compared to pipeline replacement are particularly noteworthy, making it a highly attractive solution.

Pigs for every application:

Stocksiefen GmbH manufactures pigs for all pipe diameters. Depending on the specific circumstances, specially configured custom pigs achieve the best results. If you have any questions regarding pipe cleaning, please reach out to Stocksiefen GmbH, where you will receive information from competent specialists. They will be able to provide you with expert guidance and advice on the topic of pipe cleaning.