Rohrreinigung für Industrie und Kommunen

Pipe cleaning for Industry

The hardest deposits develop in the pipeline systems of incinerating plants. High temperatures, materials with a rough, unstructured surface settle faster and more intensively in the line from residue hoppers and bunkers. Ash lines are particularly strained and need continual feeds. Failures of technical systems have a lasting influence on the subsequent input. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential. In emergencies, STOCKSIEFEN pipe cleaning guarantees a short-term fault repair.

The same is true for waste water and seepage water lines for disposal. Expensive and technical critical operational failures can be prevented through cleaning intervals and the performance of the pipe systems can be restored to their original level.

STOCKSIEFEN pipe cleaning is the ideal and reliable partner for the disposal business!

STOCKSIEFEN cleans the following with special high pressure:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Air coolers
  • Tank pits
  • Other repositories


Pipe Cleaning Systems for Incinerating Plants / Dumps