Rohrreinigung für Industrie und Kommunen

Pipe cleaning for Industry

Pipe cleaning rather than new installation

„Pipe cleaning rather than new installation“, that’s our motto. In most cases, the new installations for constricted and clogged pipelines are not considered for economical and technical reasons.

It’s not only the long-standing operation which reduces the performance capacity of pipelines, but also the leftover objects from a construction phase such as trash, dirt, and dust which must be removed from the lines after the completion of a construction project. Even welding beads and larger foreign objects can be removed from the pipelines in order to guarantee the smooth start-up of supply lines and drainage.

Using salamanders in corresponding sizes and configurations or sponging, STOCKSIEFEN cleans pipelines for water, waste water, or gas. Calibration and pressure tests are performed upon request.

STOCKSIEFEN pipe cleaning is the ideal and reliable partner for the construction industry!

STOCKSIEFEN cleans the following with special high pressure:

  • kalibrieren von Leitungen
  • Trocknen
  • Reinigen

We solve your pipeline problems in the construction trade sector!


Pipe Cleaning Systems for the Construction Industry