Rohrreinigung für Industrie und Kommunen

Pipe cleaning for Industry and Communities

Service pipe cleaning work

"We confirm that the Stocksiefen GmbH company has carried out pipe cleaning work in our Buschhaus and Offleben power plants as well as in the brown coal opencast mining.

Pipe diameters of DN 50 to DN 500 and lengths up to 2,500 m were cleaned. The cleaning took place with hydro-mechanically working devices which pass through the whole cleaning distance without intermediate openings.

Especially hard deposits appear in our ash removal lines (DN 175), through which power plant ash and waste water from our flue gas desulphurization plant pass. Even with a remaining diameter of 80 mms the original pipeline diameter of DN 175 could be restored.

Because of the dependence of the power station company on the ash removal lines, the cleanings must be carried out in a narrow time frame and without disturbances of the ash removal (low bunker possibility).

The past has shown that in emergencies we can rely on the Stocksiefen company at short notice. All together we are very satisfied with the achievements of the Stocksiefen company."